Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Lachlan

So I don't build houses often.  Generally just when I really want a new house and I can't find one that I like that fits my needs.  This was one of those times.

So here is The Lachlan, a large 4/5 bedroom family home  made from prims and mesh

I built the walls in prims and then exported them, put them into Maya and made a mesh roof to fit.



The back has a large decking area which can be accessed through double doors in the living room and the dining area.

Spacious Living room with working on/off fire and double doors leading to the back decking.

Dining area with double doors leading to the decking and access to the kitchen.

Downstairs entry way

Movie room or man cave, sewing room...whatever use you can find for it :)

Office or 5th bedroom maybe!

Spacious landing area leading to the bathroom and 4 bedrooms.

Small bathroom....lets face it, how often do we use it?  No point in wasting too much space.

Master bedroom with working on/off fire

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

I had a lot of fun with this house.  You really need to see it to appreciate it.

Check it out HERE!

Monday, 15 September 2014

It's New Bedroom Time...YAY!

Welcome to the Dream Garden

This room was inspired by Ariana Akiri as her donation to RFL!

Check out the pictures below - Ari really knows how to design a feature packed room!

The room contains lots of little accessories such as hanging photo clouds, raindrop mobile cloud,
Flower cushions to sit and read on and working lamps and curtains.

As usual the bed comes with many props and animations to suit a single child, BFF, parent and child and even a two parent and child tuck in!

Check out the little dolls house at the end of the bed.  Or should I say Teddy house?

Activity table contains props and activities for up to 4 kids.


and what would any garden be without a swing?

At just 87 prims complete, this really is a feature packed bedroom for any little girl!

Come and see it HERE!

It's a....BOX?

Introducing the Any Bed Parent Bed

Place this over any bed as shown, turn to transparent and there you have it.  A family bed!

Check out the cool animations below...

Two Parents and One Child


Single Child

Family of Four

Single Parent

Parent and Two Kids


Parent and Child

A cool box that turns any bed into a full on family RP bed with props and animations for a full RP experience.  And it even has a blanket for those special tucked in sleeps!

Come and get yours HERE!